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Excursions & Social Events

Museum of Exile and Mémorial du Camp de Rivesaltes 
Saturday 15th July, 8am to 8pm

Price: 65€ (lunch included) 
Camp Rivesaltes.jpg
Museu Memorial de l'Exili.jpg

Mémorial du Camp Rivesaltes

(South of France)

The Rivesaltes camp was the main internment camp of the Vichy regime since 1941 for Spanish republicans, foreign Jews, French gypsies and a transit camp for the Harkis after the Algerian war. German and Guinean prisoners also passed through the Rivesaltes camp.

More information here

Museum of Exile 

(La Jonquera, North of Spain)

The memory of Republican exile is still very much alive, not only for those who directly or indirectly suffered it, but for broad layers of today´s Catalan population who, for some time, have expressed a great interest in the setting up of a museum such as this.


More information here

Barcelona local excursions
Saturday, July 15th 
La Model_edited.jpg

Guided visit to the Former Prison La Model

3 to 4 pm

The Model, Memorial Space is the project that recovers and interprets the history of this old prison.

The most prominent part of this memorial allows us to explain phenomena such as the repression of the dictatorship and the existence of political prisoners 

More information here

Free of charge

Anti-aircraft shelter - Plaça del Diamant.jpg

Guided visit to the

Air-raid Shelter No. 232 

10 am and 11 am (2 turns)

The air-raid shelter in Plaça del Diamant was one of over 90 shelters in the Gràcia neighbourhood and one of the largest of the 1,300 built in Barcelona, one of the first cities to be systematically bombed from the air in a war.

More information here

Price: 3€

Paid cash only during the conference at the reception desk

Cocktail dinner by the beach (La Barceloneta)
Thursday, July 13th, 8.30 pm
Restaurant Xup Xup
(casual wear)
Price: 55€ / person
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