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Accommodation Suggestions

Please note that these suggestions were selected based on price and proximity to the venue. Accommodation further away from the venue might be more affordable. Prices were last updated in February 2023, and are likely to increase as summer approaches.

Accommodation in Barcelona

Barcelona is large city with many accommodation options and great public transportation. Though we recommend booking accommodation close-by to the conference venue, participants can always take advantage of the bus, metro and tram systems to move around the city. 


In this page, we suggest different accommodation options based on budget, as well as a simple guide to Barcelona's public transportation system.  


How to get to the conference venue

The Universitat de Barcelona - Facultat de Dret is located in the street Diagonal, one of the broadest and most important avenues in the city.


​Participants can easily walk if the accommodation is close enough, but the venue is also conveniently located near several public transportation stops:​


- TRAM Stop Pius XII

- Metro Stop Maria Cristina

- Several bus lines that stop close-by​

4 an 5* hotels

Four and Five-Star Hotels

From 120-250€/night

Hilton Barcelona ****

Rooms Starting at 250/night

Address: Avenida Diagonal, 589 - 591, Les Corts, 08014 Barcelona


12 min walk

Tram: from Numància to Pius XII (2 stops, 6 min)

Hotel Sofia Barcelona *****

Rooms starting at 180/night

Address: Plaça de Pius XII, 4, Les Corts, 08028 Barcelona


4 min walk

Aparthotel Atenea ****

Rooms Starting at 130€/night

Address: Joan Güell, 207 - 211, Les Corts, 08028 Barcelona


11 min walk

Tram: from Maria Cristina to Pius XII, 1 stop

Upper Diagonal Hotel ****

Rooms Starting at 140€/night

Address: Manuel Girona, 7-21, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, 08034 Barcelona


7 min walk


Arenas Atiram Hotel ****

Rooms Starting at 122€/night

Address: Capitan Arenas 20, Les Corts, 08034 Barcelona


10 min walk
10% off discount code: ASGENSCH

NH Barcelona Stadium ****

Rooms Starting at 135€/night

Address: Travessera de les Corts, 150-152, Les Corts, 08028 Barcelona


13 min walk

10 min bus (route 175) 

Two and Three Star Hotels 

From 80-120€/night

Hotel Alguer Camp Nou **

Rooms Starting at 109€/night 

Address: Passatge Pere Rodríguez, 20, Les Corts, 08028 Barcelona


23 min walk

15 min Tram from Avinguda de Xile to Pius XII, 3 stops

Alcam Futbol **

Apartments Starting at 50€/night/person (min. 5 people)

Address: Travessera de les Corts, 118, Les Corts, 08001 Barcelona


15 min walk

Catalonia Castellnou ***

Rooms starting at 108€/night 

Address: Castellnou, 61, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, 08017 Barcelona


20 min walk

13 min bus (route H6)

Bonanova Park **

Rooms starting at 123€/night 

Address: Capità Arenas, 51, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, 08034 Barcelona


12 min walk

9 min bus (route H6)

Catalonia Mikado ***

Rooms starting at 92€/night

Address: Paseo Bonanova, 58, Sarrià-St. Gervasi, 08017 Barcelona


27 min walk

25-30 min bus (routes H6 or 70)

Tres Torres Atiram ***

Rooms starting at 130€/night (w/o promotion code)

Address: Calatrava, 32, 08017, Barcelona


25 min walk

15 min bus (route H6)

10% off discount code: ASGENSCH

Meson Castilla Atiram ***

Rooms starting at 130€/night (w/o promotion code)

Address: Valldonzella, 5, 08001, Barcelona


30 min Metro L3 from the city center

30 min bus (routes 7, 63, 67)

10% off discount code: ASGENSCH


Oriente Atiram ***

Rooms starting at 140€/night (w/o promotion code)

Address: Rambla dels Caputxins, 45, 08002 Barcelona


20 min Metro L3 from the city center

10% off discount code: ASGENSCH



One Star Hotels, Low Cost and Hostels

Below 80€/ night 

University Housing: Colegio Mayor Penyafort-Montserrat 

Rooms starting at 35€/night (breakfast included)

Address: Avinguda Diagonal, 639-641, 08028 Barcelona


2 min walk

This university housing building is located right in front of the conference venue. They offer individual rooms for a low price, it includes breakfast, and there is an option to include dinner in the reservation. 

Please note that the rooms have no air conditioning, and bathrooms are shared with other guests on the same floor. 

For more information and to book a room, please contact


Hostel Conde Güell *

Rooms starting at 62€/night

Address: Comte de Güell, 34, Les Corts, 08028 Barcelona


20 min walk

18 min bus (route 175)

Hostel Room 018BCN

Rooms starting at 36€/night (in mixed room shared)

Address: La Pobla de l'illet, 18, Les Corts, 08028 Barcelona


19 min walk

12 min bus (route 175)

Hostel Londres Habitaciones 

Rooms starting at 65€/night 

Address: 264 Carrer del Comte d'Urgell, Eixample, 08036 Barcelona


31 min walk 

17 min bus (route 63)

16 min tram from stop Francesc Macià to Pius XII (4 stops)

2 an 3* hotels
Low Cost
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